Sweethearts Forever – Message Outline, a timely warning

Sweet-Hearts forever. Genesis 2-5
Today we will examine the first marriage on Earth. The very first “sweethearts”. I pray that we may learn from them and know what we can do to remain “Sweethearts forever”.

I. The perfect couple. “They were made for each other”

A. God made a matched pair. 1:26,27; 2:18, 21-25.

1. They were made to fulfil, to complete, to do God’s will.
2. They were made with perfect attitudes. (no adjustment needed)
3. They had a perfect beginning together.

B. God gave them a perfect home. 1:28,29; 2:8-14

C. God gave them the perfect career.2:15

1. No clash of personal identities.
2. They worked together as unto the Lord.

II. The problems came. Genesis 3

A. A fourth party got involved. Vs. 1

1. We do not live in a void.
2. We are not alone, even when only the two on Earth.
Note: Now because of our sin nature, we can get into trouble even when absolutely alone!

B. The perfect couple sin against God and against each other.

1. The innocence was gone. There is a difference in the relationship.
2. The fear had entered, they were hiding and fearful in their own home.

C. The judgement came. 3:11-19 Sin always has a price to pay

1. The excuses were made. Vs. 11-13
2. The judgments were pronounced.
3. It was not my fault is not valid.

a. The serpent lent himself as an instrument of deceit.
b. The women made a decision without discussing it with her husband.
Just do it and then he will have to agree
c. The man followed the women instead of following God.
Note: The agreement to sin divided them.

III. The presence restored. (They had been divided from God and from each other)
Their lives would never be the same, but it did not mean their lives were over.

A. The fellowship restored. 3:21

1. Through the sacrifice ordained by God, their sin was covered.
2. They were not afraid to be in God’s presence.
3. They were not afraid to be with each other.

B. The problems in life continued

1. They had to deal with relocation.3:23,24
2. They had to deal with new vocation.
3. They had to deal with rebellion. 4:8-13

C. The marriage prospered through the mercy of God. 5:4
They were to keep the land and multiply children.
They were to be sweethearts even though in a completely different environment which could only be
achieved through the grace and mercy of God and their faith and trust in Him.

We can learn many things from this couple.
We should remember that we can have a good marriage under any conditions if God is directing it, but we can have a bad marriage even in perfect conditions if we do not listen and obey God.
Being sweethearts means the husband and the wife each put God first.
Also remember – Do not entertain sin!
Eve was caught up in this. She kept thinking about that fruit.
Adam caught up this. He followed Eve instead of calling up the Lord for help.
Cain was caught up in this – even though warned by God to turn back now- he continued in his own way. Genesis 4:7
Is sin as your door? Are you about to destroy a sweet relationship with God or with your husband or wife?

About sjbjburke

I am an evangelist that enjoys Bible study and I look forward to posting outlines and receiving helpful comments. My wife and I celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary in 2022 and we enjoy serving the Lord together.
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