Preaching Outline of the Book of James message index

Message One

Note from (1978). Bibliotheca Sacra, 135(539), 224 on theme of James –
“His purpose is practical, to present a series of tests whereby his readers can determine the genuineness of their own faith. “The testing of your faith” (1:3) seems to be the key which James left hanging at the front door, intended to unlock the contents of the book. ”
I. Introduction James 1:1
II. Instruction on temptation. James 1:2-27
A. Response to temptation. James 1:2-12
1. Understand the result. James 1:2-4 (What may be achieved through the trial)
James directs us in the second step in our response, having the proper attitude, we must –
2. Use the resources that God provides. James 1:5-8 How to meet the need!

Message Two

3. Uplifted in spirit. James 1:9-12 The right attitude – Refer to Proverbs 30:8,9
B. Reason for temptation. James 1:13-18
Why am I facing these troubles? The often asked question.
1. The reason is sin. James 1:13
2. The result is death. James 1:14,15
3. The response is submission to the Truth. James 1:16-18

Message Three

C. Readiness to face temptation. James 1:19-27
If we are going to be prepared to face temptation, we must yield ourselves to God. Note what James instructs us about –
1. Counsel for victory over temptation. James 1:19-21
To be ready for temptation, we must be –
2. Careful in complete obedience. James 1:22-25

Message Four

3. Consistent in service. James 1:26,27 James defines the difference between –

Are you consistent in your love for God and in your service unto Him? James is encouraging us to have fith in God and look after others – God will look after us!

Message Five

III. Instructions on Faith. James 2:1-26
A. Empty Faith. James 2:1-7
But partiality should not be shown based on position, economics, popularity.
Let’s look at the warning this morning – how to measure our faith –
1. The conduct of faith. The pattern of conduct is the Lord Jesus Christ. James 2:1
2. The conflict between faith and the flesh. James 2:2-5
3. The condemnation of their actions. James 2:6,7
They did not manifest faith in the Lord through their actions.

Message Six

B. Examined faith. James 2:8-13

1. The Standard has been revealed. James 2:8,9
2. The Standard has been explained. James 2:10,11
3. The Standard should be obeyed. James 2:12
4. The Standard will be upheld. James 2:13

Message Seven

C. Evidence of faith. James 2:14-26
1. The Characteristics of Faith
2. The Consideration of faith. James 2:14-17 What is the true relationship of faith and works?
3. The Challenge of faith. James 2:18,19
4. The Conclusion James 2:20
5. The Cooperation of faith and works. James 2:21-26 Faith and works

Message Eight

IV. Accountability of Teachers. James 3:1-18
A. Control (Godly). 3:1-12

1. The decision to lead must be made in the assurance of God’s will. James 3:1,2
2. The dominion of man. James 3:3,4
3. The danger of lack of control. James 3:5-8
4. The difficulty of this control. James 3:9-12
God can and will make the bitter heart sweet if you call upon Him!

Message Nine
B. Content (Godly). James 3:13-18
1. The Counterfeit teacher James 3:14-16
2. The Consecrated teacher. James 3:13, 17-18

Message Ten

V. Instructions on Humility. James 4:1-5:6
A. Covetousness. James 4:1-10
1. Revealed the problem. James 4:1a
2. Recognized the cause. James 4:1-5

Message Eleven
3. Recommended the solution. James 4:6-10

Message Twelve

B. Criticism of the brethren. James 4:11,12
1. The exhortation – James 4:11a
2. The explanation – James 4:11b,12
3. The encouragement

Message Thirteen

C. Confidence in self. James 4:13-17

1. Predictions of success in our own strength. James 4:13
2. Presumptuous attitudes. James 4:14,15
3. Pride. James 4:16 “…rejoice in your boastings…”
4. Practical application. James 4:17

Message Fourteen

D. Condemnation of the ungodly rich. James 5:1-6 (trust in riches)
1. The exhortation to them. James 5:1
2. The evidence against them. James 5:2-3b
3. The explanation of their actions. James 5:3c-6

Message Fifteen

VI. Instruction on the Coming of the Lord James 5:7-11 God reveals His –
A. Grace – patience to wait on Him. James 5:7,8
1. Present themselves – James 5:7a Give your life with all that it involves to the Lord –
2. Patiently serve – James 5:7b
3. Prepare for His coming. James 5:8 “…for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh…”
B. Mercy – judgment is waiting. James 5:9
C. Justice – Judgment is sure. James 5:10,11
1. The Trial of Job. James 5:11
2. The trust of the prophets. James 5:10 “…and having not seen…”

Message Sixteen

VII. Instruction on integrity. James 5:12
A. Integrity is required of believers. Refer to Matthew 5:33-37.
1. The reproof. Matthew 5:33
2. The rebuke. Matthew 5:34-36 Refrain from this practice of swearing.
3. The exhortation Matthew 5:37 – be honest and dependable.
Swearing is not necessary at all. The believer’s word should be enough!

B. Integrity is required of believers at all times in every circumstance. James 5:12
The reinforcement of the truth taught by the Lord.

Message Seventeen

VII. Instruction on prayer. James 5:13-18 Today we will be looking at verses 13 – 15.
A. The Reliance. James 5:13-15
1. In times of trouble. James 5:13a “… Is any among you afflicted? let him pray.”
2. In times of rejoicing. James 5:13b “… . Is any merry? let him sing psalms.”
3. In times of sickness James 5:14-15
Pastors, Prayers, and Prescriptions – God uses this three fold plan to engage His children in caring and helping one another in times of sickness.

Message Eighteen

The final message in this series through the Book of James –

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