The Book of Nehemiah Message Fourteen

III. Repopulating Jerusalem. Nehemiah 11:1-36
A. The priority of developing the city is noted.
Nehemiah solved the problem noted in chapter 7:1-5. The city needed a sufficient population for developing and organizing the community.
1. The perception of the city had changed – note it is now designated “…the holy city…”
It is no longer thought of as a city in ruins.
2. The population of Jerusalem was increased by –
a. Lottery. 11:1
b. Volunteers. 11:2
3. The personnel of the Temple was designated. 11:10-19
4. The progress of the project was being followed by the king. 11:23,24
Artaxerxes had maintained an interest in the project.
B. The principle towns and villages in the environs of Jerusalem are noted, being inhabited by the families of Judah and Benjamin. 11:25-36
We note here again, that while God does designate some places as having certain significance, His primary concern is for people. The places must stand for a particular relationship between God and His people.
Jerusalem came to the forefront, but there were others places, such as Eden, Beth-El, Mt. Sinai, and Shiloh. Each of these places finds significance in the people they are associated with – meeting places between God and man.
God’s concern is people and their relationship with Him. Jerusalem is a visible testimony of that relationship.
Today, the church is that visible testimony of our relationship with God. Just as in Jerusalem, all were welcome who were willing to submit to the will of God, the church is populated by all who are willing to obey and submit to His will.
We will see in the next section that separation from those who refused to obey God was demanded.

IV. Restoration of national identity. 12:1-13:31
A. The purity of the priesthood determined. 12:1-26
B. The Priest and the Levites were set in their task. 12:27-47
C. The people were separated unto the Lord. 13:1-31

2 Timothy 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
1. Reproved by the Word of God 13:1-3
2. Rebuked by the man of God. 13:4-9
3. Exhorted to righteousness. 13:10-31
a. The service of the Temple restored. 13:10-14
b. The sanctification of the Sabbath. 13:15-22
c. The separation of the people. 13:23-31

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