Decisions – help in making right decisions

How many of you enjoy making decisions that will have a serious impact on you, your family, friends, or colleagues?

Making important decisions (or for that matter, any decision) can be difficult because the rules of decision making are so arbitrary. Yes, there are rules for making decisions!

Mr. Sproul tells of the difficulty in setting guidelines according to Stodgill’s Handbook of Leadership: A Survey of Theory and Research. Out of five thousand studies on executive decision making, they were not able to find one set of factors, traits, or processes that identified the qualities of effective leadership.

While business leadership is highly individualistic, a formula has been developed to guide the average person.
1. Take the challenge. Many of us decide not to make the decision!
2. Seek the answers.
3. Evaluate the alternatives. (Positive and negative aspects of each).
4. Make a commitment.
5. Stick with the decision and deal with the difficulties.

Even with these general guidelines, you can see the chance of making a wrong choice is too great. Most people just go through life hoping that their right choices will outnumber their wrong choices.
The amazing thing is that Christians often act the same way. You, as a believer, need to realize that you should not rely solely on the feelings or advice of family, friends or on the life experiences of others. The will of God for your life may not be in accord with their way of thinking. You have a tremendous advantage in life. God is the Guide, the One who will direct us in the accomplishment of His will.

Now –

God does not give us a check list for every situation because there are so many variables in life. God does give us help though. If we will follow after His Word, we can be confident of His will.

Please turn to Colossians chapter three and learn of the help God provides.
I. Have a good attitude. Colossians 3:1-4

A. Having the right attitude will remove the necessity of making many decisions.

The desire to do right will help us tremendously! How many decisions dealing with doing right or doing wrong are we faced with each day? Determining to do right will cut our decision making in half (at least!)

B. Having the right attitude will aid in making the decisions which must be made.

1. Decisions about things which are based on priority. (Right and right) * See below
2. Decisions about things which are based on morality. (Right and wrong).

a. This section is dealt with daily.
b. The Lord Jesus provided and example in His life to help us know how to make these
decisions. Matthew 4:3-10

1). He had needs and desires.
2). He would wait and have these needs supplied in the right way.
3). He knew that God knew what He had need of and that He would provide for the need

C. Having the right attitude will aid in discerning a covetous spirit in ourselves. (Beware of
advertising which focuses on the emotion instead of simply promoting a good product).

II. Make good use of your advantage. Colossians 3:15,16
(How do you feel about those that have an advantage, yet they waste it?)

A. The Word of God – the unchanging standard.

1. You do not have to depend upon luck.
2. You do not have to depend upon circumstances.
3. You can be sure if you depend upon the Word of God. Refer again to Matthew 4

a. Jesus was not moved because of His present circumstances.
b. Jesus’ decisions were qualified and directed by God’s Word. Psalm 119:97-105

B. The peace of God – You have peace with God through salvation. You should have the
peace of God through your daily walk with Him. Colossians 3:15 Confidence in Him!

1. Making decisions often throws people into turmoil.
2. The peace of God should rule, not anxiousness or fear!

C. The Word of God and the peace of God prepare you to make immediate decisions.

III. Live and act in accordance to His Word. Colossians 3:17

A. Everything we do should be pleasing to God.

1. Family, church, work, holiday, hobbies – everything we do!
2. The believer is a child of God and therefore should resemble Him in character and spirit.

B. Every decision should be pleasing to God, measured by His Word.
C. Every decision should be an opportunity to please God and thank Him for His goodness.

Conclusion – You are going to make decisions and they are going to be –

1). In accordance with God’s leadership
2). In ignorance of God’s leadership
3). In rebellion to God’s leadership
Is your attitude right?
Your heart and mind set on the Lord
Are your affections right?
Are your advantages made use of?
To begin with – are you saved? Have you trusted in the Lord for your salvation? This is the beginning point.

About sjbjburke

I am an evangelist that enjoys Bible study and I look forward to posting outlines and receiving helpful comments. My wife and I celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary in 2022 and we enjoy serving the Lord together.
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  1. Pitchie Morales says:

    Thank you Pastor Burke..A very Godly and helpful guidelines..God Bless..

  2. pastorjburke says:

    Reblogged this on Menominee Grace Brethren Church and commented:
    Excellent direction on an important topic!

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